13th Maine Infantry Regiment
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The 13th Maine survived a hurricane along the Atlantic coast, served on Ship Island in the Gulf of Mexico, manned the forts guarding  entry to the Mississippi, invaded Texas at Brownville and along the coast, fought in the Red River Campaign in Louisiana, guarded Washington DC, and patrolled trains along the Shenandoah Valley south of Harpers Ferry.

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You can download a copy of Edwin B. Lufkin's 1898 book the “History of the 13th Maine Regiment, From its organization in 1861 to its mustering out in 1865", including a complete roster of all companies.  It was written and published in 1898 by an enlisted soldier, Pvt. Edwin B. Lufkin, Co. E, of Weld, Maine.  Select the PDF Version or the MS Word Version.

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There are a number of other books recommended to the reader desiring to learn more about the background and experiences of the men of the 13th Maine Infantry Regiment. See the "Suggested Reading" page on this site.

After hosting this web page for several years and communicating with so many people interested in this regiment, I decided to write a new history about the men of this regiment. However, this project has evolved into something much more extensive than a book. This project is described in the "New History Project" page.

I have received copies of many pictures, letters, diaries, genealogies, etc., from many visitors to this web site.  I welcome any additional information, pictures, documents, etc., other researchers have about these regiments and individuals who served in them which I will make available to other researchers with permission.

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Battle Flag of the 13th Maine

(Music is "Assembly" by the US Army Bands bugles)
Mother dear, please don't fear for my soul any more... I took the pledge in Neal Dow's Temperance Regiment.
Col. Neal Dow
13th Maine Color Guard
(Courtesy of Conrad G. White)
Pvt. Frank A. Jordan
Co. A, 13th Maine
Co. B, 30th Maine
(Courtesy of Richard A. Jordan)
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