Regimental Officers of 13th Maine Infantry

l-r.: Surg. James Bates; Adj. Frederic Speed; Lt. Col. Henry Rust Jr.; Asst. Surg. Seth Gordon; Col. Neal Dow; QM David Stinson; Maj. Frank Hesseltine; Chap. Henry Moore

(Photo courtesy of Osborne Ellis, China, Maine)

(Music is "We Are Coming Father Abraham" MIDI source unknown)

The Men of the 13th Maine Infantry
...from New England's shore; We leave our plows and work-shops, our wives and children dear, With hearts too full for utterance, with but a silent tear; We dare not look behind us, but steadfastly before...

Lt. Col. Henry Rust Jr.

(Courtesy of Tom MacDonald, Eustis, Maine)
Col. Neal Dow
Maj. Francis S. Hesseltine

(Courtesy of Tom MacDonald, Eustis, Maine)
From the menus on this page link to pages describing the men of the 13th Maine, including: the officer corps, non-commissioned officers, privates and various military specialties including medical personnel, musicians, supply staff, chaplains, etc.

These pages include pictures of many of the soldiers. Some of the pictures portray the men as they served and others portray them later in life and with their families.

Maj. Abernathy B. Grover
(Courtesy of Tom MacDonald, Eustis, Maine)