History of the 13th Maine Infantry Regiment (Published 1898)

Here you may download a complete copy of Edwin B. Lufkin's “History of the 13th Maine Regiment, From its organization in 1861 to its mustering out in 1865", including a complete roster of all companies.  Select either a PDF Version or a MS Word Version. It was originally published by H. A. Shorey & Son, Publishers, Bridgton, Me. in 1898.

This history also includes those companies of the 30th Maine Infantry Regiment which were formed by the members of the 13th Maine whose enlistment was not up when the 13th Maine was disbanded in January 1865. They went on and served in Georgia before mustering out in August 1865 at Savannah.

This history is a somewhat unusual because it was written and published in 1898 by an enlisted soldier. It is a very well written history from the perspective of the common private. It describes events, equipment, individuals and conditions. Of course, it is also interesting because it displays the style and perceptions of that period.

The author, Edwin Benjamin Lufkin,  was born on September 26, 1841, at Weld, Franklin County, Maine, the second of four children of George W. Lufkin and Lavinia Hillman Sweet.

He enlisted as a Private into Co. E at Weld, Maine, on 10/15/1861, and mustered in at Augusta, Maine, on 12/13/1861. At one time he was transferred into Co. K and then back to Co. E.  He mustered out with an honorable discharge at the expiration of his enlistment on 1/6/1865 at Augusta, Maine.

He was described at enlistment as a 20 year old single teacher, 5' 8¾" tall, with brown hair, grey eyes and a fair complexion.

He never married or had children.

He always resided in Weld, where he served several terms as Town Treasurer. He was a Justice of the Peace; Master of his Masonic Lodge; and was the first Commander of the local G.A.R. Post.

He died at South Freeport, Maine, on September 26, 1910.

History of the 13th Maine Infantry Regiment (Unpublished 1916)

Recently the New History Project has received seven documents, totalling 155 typewritten pages, by Pvt. Andrew B. Gordon, Co. K, courtesy of  his great-great-granddaughter, Nancy Morrill.  Pvt. Andrews writes mostly first person experiences and many anecdotes. In his stories he identifies at least 35 individual soldiers of the regiment. In addition, because he was in a company that served at Ft. Macomb and because he was one of the re-enlisted soldiers who served in the 30th Maine until August 1865 he brings new information that Lufkin did not have, especially concerning service in Savannah, Georgia.

Other Documents (Unpublished 1861-1865)

Some of the information now available comes from letters the soldiers wrote to their families during the war which have been saved and provided by living descendents. These include letters from:

The Ireland brothers of Co. B - courtesy of Helen Miller
Llewellyn P. Howes - courtesy of Osborne Ellis
Amos Peabody Bean - courtesy of Jennifer Bartlau

Published Documents and Articles

History of Charleston and Kanawha County, West Virginia and Representative Citizens, W.S. Laidley, Richmond Arnold Publishing Co., Chicago, ILL.  1911 p. 358-362 (George & William Keeley)

Captain Isaiah Rendall, The Portland Telegram, August 2, 1908 (pp. 14, 17)

"Alfred Eliab Buck: Carpetbagger in Alabama and Georgia." Ph.D. diss., Bhurtel, Shyam Krishna, Auburn University, 1981. UMI Order Number: GAX82-05642.

Alfred Eliab Buck, information from various government sources including the US House of Representatives, and Arlington National Cemetery.

Numerous newspapers and town histories in Maine.

Public Records

A great deal of the information was gathered from four sources available to the public:
- the US Federal Census 1790-1930;
- the LDS Family History Library;
- the Maine State Archives;
- and published genealogical information at Ancestry.com (requires an annual subscription fee).

Other Sources

Many letters to me from descendents of soldiers and interested researchers that frequently added important or clarifying information about a soldier, his family or his service. These are too numerous to list here but are available.

Finally, many miles driven and hours spent visiting towns and cemeteries all over the state of Maine photographing head stones and monuments.

Pvt. Edwin B. Lufkin, Co. E
13th Maine History
The History of the Thirteenth  Maine  Regiment From its Organization in 1861 to its Muster-Out in 1865, by Pvt. Edwin B. Lufkin, Co. E