Actions & Battles of the 13th Maine
Probably the most harrowing experience of the men of the 13th Maine Infantry was not a battle but sailing through a hurricane off the Carolina coast on their way to their first duty station on Ship Island, Mississippi. This event as well as all the duty stations, campaigns and battles are described in Lufkin's history in detail. In addition, we have many other accounts of these actions that will be made available as time permits. The "New History Project" includes a spreadsheet explaining the location of every company during the entire existence of the regiment.

The following is a listing of duty stations, campaigns and battles in chronological order:

- Organization and training at the Armory in Augusta, Maine;
- Travel to Ship Island, Mississippi, including a hurricane;
- Fatigue and guard duty on Ship Island, Mississippi;
- Provost duty in New Orleans, Louisiana;
- Guard duty in the following forts: Ft. Mason, Fort Jackson and Ft. St. Philip;
- Landing at Brownsville, Texas, and the campaign along the Texas coast, including actions at Matamoros, Mustang Island, Aransas Pass, and Ft. Esperanza, ;
- The Red River Campaign, including the battles of: Sabine Cross-Roads, Pleasant Hill, Cane River Crossing and Mansura;
- The defense of Washington, DC;
- Train guarding and other duties in the Shenandoah Valley;
- Return to Maine and mustered out on 1/5/1865.

Almost 300 of the soldiers of the 13th Maine who had re-enlisted were reorganized into a brigade and then into three companies of the 30th Maine Infantry. In that regiment they served in the following:

- Securing Shenandoah Valley;
- Guarding Washington, DC;
- Participated in the Grand Review of the Union Armies at Washington, DC;
- Duty in Georgia protecting paroled prisoners and defenseless freed-people;
- Return to Maine and mustered out on 8/20/1865.

Ship Island, Mississippi